Ethical Standards at The Lotus Biotech

Over the years, The Lotus Biotech has built a culture of ethical practices and tried to incorporate such ideologies throughout the organization. The company monitors all the standards so as to stay true to the ethics that we hold in esteemed regard.

At The Lotus biotech, we ensure that whatever medicines, especially erection pills we manufacture are highly safe to consume and are backed with proper research and trials. In addition, we make sure that all the pills and medicines supplied by us are completely safe.

The Objective of Lotus Biotech

The main motive of Lotus Biotech is to provide expert-approved medicines at an affordable rate. It mainly focuses on superior packaging and precise formulation of medicines. Our manufactured ED medications are widely accepted over the world due to their longer shelf-life, moisture-proof packaging, and optimal prices. It also focuses on hygiene and sustainability. The company’s storage facilities meet advanced industry standards to ensure good quality of medicines.

Everything about Erectile Dysfunction and Erection Pills

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the most common sex problem that is being reported by over 30 million men all over the world. Erectile dysfunction is trouble getting or keeping an erection that is firm enough for sex. ED can happen mainly due to stoppage of blood flow to the penis or if the nerves are harmed or early warning of more serious illness such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, or high blood pressure.

We at The Lotus biotech make sure to work with professional and certified third-party suppliers and healthcare professionals to supply ethically standardized erection pills and other medicines to provide better treatment to patients.


Working with the Raw Material Suppliers

Choosing the right suppliers for the raw material is the most difficult part when it comes to the production of erectile dysfunction pills. Raw materials are the crudest form of product available for the manufacturing of any medicine. At The Lotus biotech, we always ensure to work with the best suppliers in the industry. Maintaining fair relations with our suppliers is a significant parameter of our growth.

We are very well aware of the advantages of maintaining a constant relationship with a particular supplier, as frequent changes in suppliers will make the process slow, complex, and expensive. We are very aware of the responsibility of supporting them by paying them on time, i.e., without any delay.

Engagement of Healthcare Professionals

The Lotus Biotech has collaborated with certified medical professionals to test and approve the ED medications sold by us. It also enables us to constantly innovate our offerings for patients and their needs with the right research and expert guidance. Many HCPs take part in the clinical and pre-clinical development of erection pills and also help in shaping, designing, and delivering clinical research.

Genetic Research: Our Commitment to High Ethical standards

With the identification of a genetic variant that increases the risk of erectile dysfunction, our scientists and healthcare professionals are involved in genetic research. The Lotus Biotech on Genetics ensures that our genetic research associated with erectile dysfunction meets the highest standards. Our research team makes sure to embrace principles and values based on the relevant guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

We, at The Lotus Biotech, comply with national and international genetics-related standards and prevent misuse of genetic data significant for manufacturing highly safe erectile dysfunction pills.

Clinical Trials and Use of Animals

Before introducing any medicine in the market, it is crucial to conduct clinical trials to establish that medicine is efficacious and safe. The Lotus Biotech is strictly against any animal cruelty or exploitation. We do not perform any animal trials, nor do we plan to do it in the future. The research and surveys conducted by The Lotus Biotech are done under the supervision of industry experts in acclaimed laboratories. In case we have to carry out a human trial for developing erectile dysfunction pills, we make sure to select a limited number of volunteers who are biologically fit.

Public Policy and Patient Advocacy

We at The Lotus biotech engage with respective governments, healthcare policymakers, professional associations and bodies, and multilateral agencies to adhere to the policies formulated to protect the patients’ interests. Moreover, our team engages with patients to gain personal insights on their experience with erectile dysfunction.


Patient Advocacy

Vaccines, injections, and medications provide key benefits to patients and public health. To know more about the beneficial sides of erection pills, we need to reach out to patients who have erectile dysfunction. This is crucial through the research, marketing, and development process of erectile dysfunction pills.

Resolving Ethical Matters: Scientific Ethics Advisory Panel

Our company has established The Lotus biotech scientific Ethics Advisory Panel which offers advice and counsel on a broad range of ethical matters related to research, development, and manufacturing of ED medications.  The panel is made up of independent certified and well-recognized external experts appointed by our company from a wide array of fields – genetics, bioethics, law, and representatives from patient advocacy groups.

The panel meets periodically to discuss ethical issues in the broad health arena with The Lotus biotech, keeping us up to date and thus, employing ethical practices accordingly in our company.

Human Rights

We at The Lotus Biotech, are committed to respecting nationally and internationally recognized human rights wherever our ED medications are supplied. Accordingly, our Code specifies, “One of our main aims is to prevent, mitigate, and remedy adverse impacts that our company activities or relationships might have on the human rights of all our stakeholders, including our employees, patients, colleagues, third-party suppliers, and patients.”

Our company mainly focuses on manufacturing and supplying erection pills under the guidance of health experts. All the medications manufactured in the laboratories of The Lotus Biotech go for human trial and are clinically approved. Our main motive at The Lotus Biotech is to combine science, technology, skills, and talent to develop highly-effective and ethically standardized medicines for better patient treatment. The mission of our company is to contribute majorly to improving the health of billions of people worldwide.