The Lotus Biotech is a global pharmaceutical trading company driven by the vision to make quality medicines accessible to the masses across the globe.

Every patient across the globe deserves treatment prepared with industrial expertise and responsible practices. We at The Lotus Biotech export all such medicines under controlled temperatures using approved ingredients approved by authorities.

We specialise in supplying medicines to treat erectile dysfunction, cancer, HIV and more. 

Our Story

Founded by Gaurav Sakhuja and Keshav Bajaj during the 2020 Covid emergency, the roots of our healthcare vision goes back to decades. Our parent company Shree Radhey Gobind International Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted legacy name in the market. 

We have had strong presence in Indian pharmacy industry for decades. However, our vision to make quality healthcare available overseas at affordable prices led to the foundation of The Lotus Biotech.

Who are we for?

We cater to small, medium and large enterprises. We also work directly with researchers, hospitals, clinic, pharmacies and healthcare professionals globally

Why us

We offer the most competitive prices in the market without any compromise with quality or purchase-related services.

The Indian Government’s price control policies helps us offer generic and branded medicines at affordable rates globally.

No matter where you are, The Lotus Biotech’s reliable and fast delivery fits all sizes- from budget pharmacies to multinational enterprises.


We believe that best quality solution for patient’s should be affordable and safe. Good health is universal right by nature and TLB is dedicated make it accessible globally at economical prices.


We are a business with integrity. Fair practices and accountability forms our backbone. And we trust that no global impact can be created without supreme value creation for customers.


We are constantly innovating our offerings for patients through data based insights. What people need next, we are already researching and developing it.

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