Febutaz 40mg Febuxostat Tablets

Febutaz 40mg Febuxostat Tablets

Febutaz 40 is an anti-hyperuricemic agent,medication used to treat gout by reducing the production of uric acid in the body, thus preventing the formation of painful crystals. It lowers uric acid levels and manage symptoms of gout effectively. 

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Febutaz 40


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Active Ingredient 

Febuxostat (40mg)


Store below 30°C

Description – 

Complete Handbook on Febutaz 40: Usage and Insight 

Febutaz 40  – Introduction

Gout, a condition brought on by an excess of uric acid in the body, can be treated and prevented with the help of a drug called Febutaz 40 Tablet. The crystallization of uric acid around the joints results in painful and swollen joints. Lower uric acid levels can be maintained with the use of this medication.

How Febutaz 40 Works: A Closer Look

As a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, Febutaz 40 Tablet lowers blood levels of uric acid, which is the component that causes gout.


Treatment of Gout

Febutaz 40  – The Benefits 

To prevent and treat gout, a disorder brought on by an excess of uric acid in your body, doctors may prescribe Febutaz 40 Tablets. Elevated uric acid levels can cause crystals to accumulate in and around particular joints and kidneys, causing sudden, acute pain, redness, warmth, and edema. The main effects of this drug are to stop the growth of these crystals and reduce uric acid in your blood. As a result, it lessens the likelihood that these symptoms may mitigate their severity if they do occur. It is often meant for long-term therapy and needs to be taken consistently until the recommended course is finished.

Febutaz 40 – A Usage Guide

Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the dosage and duration of this medication. Without chewing, crushing, or breaking the tablet, take it whole. Febutaz 40 Tablet can be taken with or without food, although it is advised that you take it at regular intervals.

Febutaz 40 – Side Effects

Most side symptoms disappear once your body adjusts to the medication and does not need medical intervention. You should consult your doctor if these side effects worsen or last longer than expected.

Common Side Effects

  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Nausea
  • Skin rash

[Note: Different side effects can result from different drugs. Consult the official prescribing information for the medication in question for accurate information regarding its unique side effects, or ask your healthcare professional for guidance.]

Febutaz 40 – A Guide to Safety 



Drinking is advised to be done with caution when taking Febutaz 40 Tablets. Consult your physician for advice.


Consult Your Doctor

Using Febutaz 40 tablets while pregnant may have risks because there is limited information from human studies, and there have been negative effects on fetal development in animal studies. Your doctor will consider each medication’s advantages and possible risks before suggesting it. You should consult your doctor for guidance on this matter.


Consult Your Doctor

Febutaz 40 pill use is probably not safe for breastfeeding mothers. Limited human research indicates that the medication may enter breast milk and harm the unborn child.



Febutaz 40 Tablet side effects could make it challenging for you to operate a vehicle securely. These adverse side effects, such as fatigue, blurred vision, numbness, or tingling, may make driving a vehicle difficult.



Be cautious while providing Febutaz 40 pills to people with severe liver disease because a dosage adjustment might be required. Consult your doctor for advice before taking Febutaz 40 Tablets if you have this condition because there isn’t much information available.



Febutaz 40 tablets should be used cautiously by patients with severe kidney disease because it may be necessary to adjust the dosage. You should consult your doctor because there is little information on using Febutaz 40 Tablets in these individuals.


Fact Box

Chemical Group 

Thiazole Derivative



Medication Class


Action Class/Category 

Xanthine oxidase Inhibitors-gout

Swift Advice

  • To lessen the frequency of gout attacks, your doctor has recommended Febutaz 40 Tablets.
  • With or without food, you should take it at the same time every day.
  • While using Febutaz 40 tablets, be careful to drink 2 to 3 litres of fluid every day.
  • Stopping the medication during an acute gout episode could aggravate the condition, even though early use may cause more gout attacks.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol while taking this medication as it may aggravate gout flare-ups.
  • If you experience symptoms such as a rash, itching, breathing problems, fever, or swelling of the face or limbs, stop taking the drug immediately and contact your doctor.


Frequently Asked Questions – Febutaz 40

Q1. What is the purpose of the Febutaz 40 Tablet?

Adults with gout may benefit from using Febutaz 40 Tablet, particularly when patients did not respond well to allopurinol therapy or were ineligible to take allopurinol. A type of arthritis known as gout is defined by the buildup of uric acid, a chemical that occurs naturally in the body in the joints. This leads to sudden episodes of joint redness, swelling, pain, and warmth in one or more joints.

Q2. How much Febutaz 40 Tablet should I take?

Your doctor individually decides the dosage and duration of the Febutaz 40 Tablet, and these factors can change from person to person. The Febutaz 40 Tablet may need many months to prevent gout attacks successfully. Even if you start to feel better, it’s important to continue taking this medication as directed by your doctor.

Q3. Can the Febutaz 40 Tablet harm kidneys?

While uncommon, Febutaz 40 Tablet can have various consequences on the kidneys. Symptoms of a kidney condition include:

  • Blood in the urine.
  • Increased urination.
  • The formation of kidney stones.
  • Abnormal urine test results (higher levels of proteins in the urine).
  • A decrease in kidney function.

In very few cases, it can cause tubulointerstitial nephritis, which can change the amount of urine. It is advised to see a doctor if you observe any worsening of your kidney function.

Q4. If I feel well and don’t have any joint discomfort or swelling, may I quit taking the Febutaz 40 Tablet on my own?

Even if you notice an improvement in your health, it’s critical to continue taking Febutaz 40 tablets as directed. The production of new urate crystals in and around your joints and kidneys could result from stopping the medicine, which could increase uric acid levels and worsen your symptoms.