Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR

Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR

Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR combines Glimepiride and Metformin to manage type 2 diabetes. It effectively controls blood sugar levels, offering quality assurance and affordability.

Complete Handbook on Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR: Usage and Insight

MedicineGemer Forte 2 Tablet PR
Marketed BySun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Active IngredientGlimepiride (2mg) + Metformin (850mg)
StorageStore below 30°C
Consume TypeOral 

Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR- Introduction

Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR is a class of anti-diabetic medications. Adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus are treated with this medication combination. It assists those who have diabetes in managing their blood sugar levels.

How Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR Works: A Closer Look

The two antidiabetic medications, Glimepiride and Metformin, are combined as Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR. Sulfonylureas like glimepiride reduce blood sugar by causing the pancreas to release more insulin. The biguanide metformin decreases the liver’s generation of glucose, postponing the intestines’ absorption of glucose and enhancing the body’s sensitivity to insulin.


Treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR – The Benefits 

In Treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus

A combo medication called Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR helps your body make more insulin (in the pancreas). After that, the insulin starts to reduce your blood glucose. Usually, one dose is given each day. You should continue taking it for the entire recommended duration.

Reducing blood glucose levels is a crucial component of diabetes care. If you can regulate the level, you can lower your risk of developing any of the major consequences of diabetes, including kidney disease, eye damage, nerve issues, and limb loss. You can live a regular, healthy life if you take this medication regularly, in addition to eating good food and exercising.

Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR – A Usage Guide

Follow your doctor’s instructions or read the label to learn how to use Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR. It is recommended that you take it with food.

Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR – Side Effects

Most adverse effects disappear when your body gets used to the medication and doesn’t require medical attention. See your physician if they continue or if you have concerns about them.

Common Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level)
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

[Note: Various medications can lead to different side effects. For precise details about a particular drug’s specific side effects, consult the official prescribing information for that medication or seek advice from your healthcare provider.]


Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR – A Guide to Safety




It is unsafe to consume alcohol with Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR.



Consult Your Doctor

It might not be safe to take Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR (glimepiride 2mg metformin 850 mg) while pregnant. Studies on humans are scarce; however, animal research has demonstrated adverse effects on the growing fetus. Before prescribing for you, your doctor will consider the advantages and possible hazards. Kindly speak with your physician.


  Breast feeding


Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR is not recommended while nursing. Evidence points to the possibility of medication poisoning in the fetus.




If your blood sugar level is too high or too low, it could damage your driving ability. If you experience these symptoms, don’t drive.




Patients with liver illness should use Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR with caution. Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR dosage adjustments might be necessary. Kindly speak with your physician.




Patients with kidney illness should use Gemer Forte 2/850 with caution. Dosage adjustments might be necessary. Kindly speak with your physician.

Fact Box

Chemical GroupBiguanide and Sulfonylurea
Medication ClassBiguanides and ATP-sensitive potassium channels blocker
Action Class/CategoryType II Diabetes Mellitus

Swift Advice 

  • Gemer Forte 2 combines Glimepiride and Metformin to better manage blood sugar compared to Metformin alone.
  • Continue regular exercise, have a healthy diet, and take your other diabetes medications alongside the Gemer Forte 2 Tablet.
  • Take it with food to reduce the likelihood of stomach upset.
  • Check your blood sugar levels regularly while on this medication.
  • It may cause low blood sugar when used with other diabetes drugs, alcohol, or if meals are skipped.
  • Inform your doctor if surgery under general anesthesia is planned.
  • Notify your doctor immediately if you experience rapid or deep breathing, persistent nausea, vomiting, or stomach pain, as Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR can cause a rare but serious condition called lactic acidosis.
  • Your doctor may monitor your liver function regularly. Report any symptoms such as abdominal pain, loss of appetite, or yellowing of the eyes or skin (jaundice).

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is it good to take metformin and glimepiride together?

A: Yes, combining Metformin and Glimepiride can enhance blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes by targeting different mechanisms to lower blood sugar levels.

Q: How long does it take for Gemer Forte 2 to show results?

A: Gemer Forte 2 typically shows results within a few days to weeks of consistent use.

Q: Can Gemer Forte 2 be taken on an empty stomach?

A: Gemer Forte 2 should be taken with food to reduce the risk of stomach upset and enhance its effectiveness in managing blood sugar levels.

Q: Where can I purchase Gemer Forte 2?

A: Gemer Forte 2 (Glimepiride 2mg Metformin 850 mg) can be purchased from The Lotus Biotech, the leading supplier. For wholesale orders, contact us at or dial +91 98998 96668.

Q: What are the long-term effects of taking Gemer Forte 2?

A: Long-term effects of Gemer Forte 2 Tablet PR may include improved blood sugar control, reduced risk of diabetes-related complications, and potential side effects like hypoglycemia or gastrointestinal issues.