Gemer P2 Tablet

Gemer P2 Tablet

The Gemer P2 Tablet is a combination oral antidiabetic medication that contains Metformin, Glimepiride, and Pioglitazone. This medication effectively manages type 2 diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity, reducing glucose production, and increasing insulin secretion.

Complete Handbook on Gemer P2 Tablet: Usage and Insight

MedicineGemer P2 Tablets
Marketed BySun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Active IngredientGlimepiride 2mg, Metformin 500mg, and Pioglitazone 15mg
StorageStore below 30°C
Consume TypeOral 

Gemer P2 Tablets  – Introduction

Gemer P2 Diabetes Tablet ER is a combination medicine used to control blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It helps in the proper utilization of insulin, thereby lowering blood sugar levels.

How Gemer P2 Tablet Works: A Closer Look

Gemer P2 Tablet contains three active ingredients:

  • Glimepiride 2mg: Stimulates insulin secretion from the pancreas, leading to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Metformin 500mg: Decreases liver glucose production and intestinal glucose uptake. Thus, it enhances insulin sensitivity.
  • Pioglitazone 15mg: Improves insulin action in muscle and fat cells.

These components work together to provide better control of blood sugar when single or dual therapy is not effective.

Gemer P2 Tablet Use

The Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Gemer P2 Tablet – The Benefits 

  • Blood Glucose Control: Gemer P2 helps control high blood glucose levels by enhancing insulin action and promoting glucose utilization.
  • Reduced Complications: Lowering blood glucose levels reduces the risk of complications such as kidney damage, eye problems, nerve issues, and limb loss.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Regular use, along with a proper diet and exercise, helps maintain a normal, healthy life.

 Gemer P2 Tablet- A Usage Guide

  • Always follow your doctor’s instructions regarding Gemer P2 dosage and timing.
  • Take Gemer P2 Tablets with food to minimize stomach upset. Swallow the tablet whole; do not crush or chew it.
  • Drink plenty of water while taking the medication.

Typical Dosage:

  • The usual starting dose for adults is one tablet of Gemer P2 once daily.
  • Your doctor may adjust the dosage based on your blood sugar levels and response.
  • The maximum recommended dose is one tablet twice daily (morning and evening).

Gemer P2 Tablet – Side Effects

Most side effects fade away as your body adjusts to the medication. If you are constantly facing problems or if these side effects persist longer than expected, then schedule a visit with your doctor.

Common Side Effects 

  • Nausea
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Vomiting
  • Edema
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach ache
  • Altered appetite
  • A metallic taste in the mouth
  • Lactic acidosis
  • Heart failure risk

[Note: Different drugs can cause varying side effects. To get accurate information about a medication’s side effects, refer to the official prescription information or consult your healthcare provider.]


Gemer P2 Tablet – A Guide to Safety




Avoid alcohol consumption while taking the tablet to prevent lactic acidosis, a potentially fatal condition caused by an accumulation of lactic acid in the body.



Consult Your Doctor

The use might not be suitable during pregnancy. There is limited research on the effects of Gemer P2 dosage in humans. However, studies on animals have shown adverse effects on the unborn offspring.


  Breast feeding


Certainly, it is not safe to use it while breastfeeding. There is limited human data indicating that the medication could potentially harm the infant as it can be transferred into the breast milk.




These tablets’ ability to modulate blood sugar levels may affect your ability to drive or operate machinery. Therefore, do not drive if you’re affected by these symptoms.




Pioglitazone (an active ingredient in Gemer P2 Tablet) requires caution in patients with liver dysfunction due to potential hepatotoxicity.




Patients with impaired kidney function should not use Metformin (an active ingredient in Gemer P2 Tablet) cautiously, as it can accumulate and lead to lactic acidosis.

Fact Box

Chemical GroupBiguanide, Sulfonylurea and Thiazolidinedione derivative
Medication ClassBiguanides, PPARs, and Dipeptidyl DPP-4 inhibitors
Action Class/CategoryAntihyperglycemic agent (Anti-Diabetic)

Swift Advice 

  1. Take Gemer P2 Tablet along with a balanced diet and engage in regular exercise. These lifestyle modifications help reduce blood sugar levels.
  2. Use Gemer P2 Tablet as long as your doctor prescribes it. Follow their instructions carefully.
  3. Gemer P2 Tablet contains pioglitazone, which can increase the risk of congestive heart failure, especially in patients with pre-existing heart conditions.
  4. To minimize stomach discomfort, take Gemer P2 Tablet with meals.
  5. Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly while using this medication. This helps ensure effective management.
  6. If you experience stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, or rapid/deep breathing, consult your doctor promptly. These symptoms could indicate lactic acidosis, a rare but serious condition caused by excess lactic acid in the blood.
  7. Keep quick sources of sugar (such as apples, candies, or glucose biscuits) handy in case your blood sugar drops suddenly.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How should I take Gemer P2?

A: Take Gemer P2 Tablets with food to minimize stomach upset. Swallow the tablet whole; do not crush or chew it. Drink plenty of water while taking the medication. Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding dosage and timing. Regularly monitor your blood sugar levels while using Gemer P2.

Q: What are the contraindications of Gemer P2?

A: Gemer P2 is contraindicated in the following situations:

  • Hypersensitivity: If you are allergic to any of the active ingredients (Glimepiride, Metformin, or Pioglitazone).
  • Severe Kidney Dysfunction: Avoid Gemer P2 if you have severe kidney impairment.
  • Severe Liver Dysfunction: It should not be used in severe liver disease.
  • Heart Failure: Pioglitazone may worsen heart failure.
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Consult your doctor before using Gemer P2 during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Q: Can Gemer P2 cause weight gain?

A: Yes, Pioglitazone (one of the components) may cause weight gain due to fluid retention and increased fat storage. Monitor your weight and report any significant changes to your doctor.

Q: Is long-term use of Gemer P2 safe?

A: Long-term use of Gemer P2 should be done under medical supervision.

Regular check-ups and monitoring of kidney function, liver function, and cardiovascular health are essential. The benefits of blood sugar control usually outweigh the risks associated with long-term use.

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