Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules

Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules

Pomalid 4 is an anti-cancer medication that contains the active salt of pomalidomide. It is used to treat certain types of cancers, including multiple myeloma, by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and boosting the immune system’s response against them. 

  • Manufactured By : Natco Pharma Ltd
  • Salt Composition : Pomalidomide 4mg


Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules


Natco Pharma Ltd.

Active Ingredient 

Pomalidomide (4mg)


Store below 30 °C. 

Consume Type 


Description – 

Complete Handbook on Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules: Usage and Insight 

Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules – Introduction

The Pomalid  4mg capsules consist of Pomalidomide is a type of medication known as an immunomodulating agent. It is used to treat adults with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells. It is usually given in addition to other anti-cancer drugs like bortezomib and/or dexamethasone to improve treatment outcomes.

How Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules Works: A Closer Look

Pomalid 4mg Capsules work by stimulating the immune system, which prevents abnormal plasma cells (a type of white blood cell) from proliferating in the blood. This action aids in the removal of cancer cells from the circulation by inhibiting their growth. It also reduces blood flow to cancer cells, preventing them from spreading throughout the body.


  • Multiple myeloma


Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules – The Benefits 

Multiple Myeloma 

Multiple myeloma disrupts the body’s natural process of bone remodeling, resulting in increased bone breakdown without adequate replacement. This can lead to weakened and painful bones that are more prone to fractures. Pomalid 4mg Capsules are frequently prescribed as part of your treatment plan, working in tandem with other medications. It is an important part of your treatment plan, increasing the chances of survival for people with multiple myeloma. This medication is intended to target and eliminate abnormal cells, preventing them from spreading to other parts of the body.  To get the most out of your treatment, you must carefully follow your doctor’s instructions. Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplements may be recommended in some cases, especially if your blood calcium levels are low.

Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules – A Usage Guide

Pomalid 4mg Capsule should be taken as directed by your doctor.  Drink a glass of water while taking the medication. Make sure not to chew or crush the drug. It can be taken with or without food.

Your doctor will assess the right dosage and duration of treatment for you based on your age, body weight, and general health. If not instructed to do so by a doctor, Pomalid 4 mg Capsule should not be stopped.

Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules – Side Effects

The majority of medication side effects are transient and typically do not necessitate medical attention. But it’s crucial to see your doctor if they get worse or continue.

Common Side Effects

  • Shortness of breath
  • Infections of lung or respiratory tract (bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia)
  • Anaemia 
  • Low blood sodium, potassium, magnesium and phosphate levels
  • High blood calcium levels 
  • Elevated blood sugar levels
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • loss of appetite
  • Stomach pain
  • Lack of energy, muscle weakness
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Numbness, tingling or burning sensation on the body
  • Swelling of the arms and leg or body
  • Skin rash, itching, shingles
  • High blood pressure
  • High uric acid levels in blood
  • Changes in taste
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling confused
  • Depression
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Weight loss

[Note: Some medications may have a wide range of distinct side effects. See your healthcare practitioner or the official prescription instructions for further information about the particular side effects of a particular medicine.]

Drug interaction:

  • Ketoconazole 
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Enoxacin 
  • Fluvoxamine 


Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules – A Guide to Safety 


Consult Your Doctor

It is unknown if drinking alcohol while taking Pomalid 4mg Capsuless is safe. Kindly speak with your physician.



Pomalid 4 mg Capsules may be detrimental to the developing foetus. Therefore, women who are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or suspect they may be pregnant should not take it. Women who are or may become pregnant must use an appropriate method of contraception in order to prevent pregnancy before beginning Pomalid 4mg Capsules therapy, throughout the therapy, and for up to four weeks after ending the medication. When taking Pomalid 4mg Capsules for treatment, if you unintentionally became pregnant, immediately stop taking the medication and notify your doctor.



It is not advisable to use Pomalid 4mg Capsules while breastfeeding. The medication may be dangerous for the baby, according to the data.



Pomalid 4 mg Capsules may have unknown effects on one’s ability to drive. Do not drive if you have any symptoms that make it difficult for you to focus or react quickly.



Use Pomalid 4mg Capsuless with caution if you have liver disease. It may be necessary to modify the dosage of Pomalid 4mg Capsules. Kindly speak with your physician.



When using Pomalid  4mg Capsule, those with severe renal illness should exercise caution. Pomalid  4mg Capsule dosage adjustments could be necessary. Kindly speak with your physician.

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Chemical Group 




Medication Class


Action Class/Category 

Immunomodulatory agents

Swift Advice

  • It is advisable to take Pomalid  4mg Capsule at the same time each day, but it can be taken with or without meals. 
  • Make sure you take all of the prescribed drugs and adhere strictly to your doctor’s instructions.
  • Use a reliable method of contraception to prevent pregnancy while taking this medication. 
  • Do not donate blood while undergoing treatment or for seven days after it ends.
  • Your doctor may perform routine blood tests to check blood cell counts and liver function. 
  • This drug might make you dizzy, don’t drive or operate equipment until you know how it affects you.


Frequently Asked Questions – Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide Capsules

Q1: What class of medication is Pomalid 4mg Capsule?

A: Pomalid 4mg Capsule is a member of the immunomodulatory agents drug class. 

Q2: What is the best time to take Pomalid 4mg Capsule?

A: Take one Pomalid 4 mg capsule daily, at the same time every day, with or without food, for optimal benefits.

Q3: Can children use Pomalid 4mg Capsule?

A: It is not advised for children under the age of 18 to use Pomalid 4 mg Capsule.

Q4: Can I donate blood during Pomalid 4mg Capsule treatment?

A: Donations of blood are prohibited while taking Pomalid 4 mg capsules and for one month following the end of the medication because the blood may be given to expectant mothers whose fetuses should not be exposed to this drug.

Q5: In which conditions should I avoid taking Pomalid 4mg Capsule?

A: Pomalid 4mg Capsule should not be used in patients with blood clots, heart attack, heart failure, difficulty breathing, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, neuropathy, or hepatitis B virus infection.

Q6: Can I share Pomalid 4mg Capsule with other people?

A: No, sharing Pomalid 4mg Capsule medication with others is not recommended, even if they have the same symptoms as you. As a result, it may result in birth defects and other issues.

Q7: What should I do if I miss my Pomalid 4mg Capsule dose?

A: Take your missed Pomalid 4mg Capsule dose as soon as you remember if it has been less than 12 hours since your usual time. If the missed dose was more than 12 hours ago, skip it. Do not take two doses at the same time.