Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets

Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets

Revolade 50 is a medication that contains the active salt eltrombopag. It is used to treat certain blood disorders, such as chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), severe aplastic anemia and chronic hepatitis C, by increasing platelet production and improving blood clotting.

  • Manufactured By : Novartis India Ltd
  • Salt Composition : Eltrombopag 50mg


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Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets


Novartis India Ltd

Active Ingredient 

Eltrombopag 50mg 


Store below 30 °C.

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Complete Handbook on Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag: Usage and Insight 

Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets  Introduction

Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablet is a medication used to treat conditions characterized by low blood platelet counts. It helps patients with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), Hepatitis C (HCV), and aplastic anemia. ITP is an autoimmune disease marked by bleeding tendencies and a low platelet count. The hepatitis C virus causes hepatitis C, which is an infection of the liver.

How Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets Works: A Closer Look

Revolade 50mg Tablets that are classified as “thrombopoietin receptor agonists” contain a chemical known as “Eltrombopag.” It functions by promoting the growth of megakaryocytes, which are big bone marrow cells that produce platelets. This boost in bone marrow cells leads to an increase in platelet production. As a result, Revolade 50mg Tablet increases the quantity of platelets in the blood, preventing bleeding episodes.

Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets Use

Revolade is prescribed for three main medical conditions:

  • Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)

This is a condition in which the patient’s immune system destroys platelets, which are required for clotting. Revolade is prescribed to patients over the age of one who have not responded to other treatments such as corticosteroids or immunoglobulins. Because of their low platelet counts, these patients are at risk of bleeding.

  • Thrombocytopenia in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients:

A hepatitis C virus-related illness that makes adult patients with chronic hepatitis C resistant to antiviral therapy.

  • Severe Aplastic Anemia:

Adult patients who have not responded to immunosuppressive therapy (medications that suppress the immune system) or who have received multiple courses of such therapy and are unable to receive hematopoietic (blood) stem cell transplantation. Aplastic anemia occurs when the bone marrow fails to produce sufficient blood cells or platelets.

Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets The Benefits 

Revolade 50mg Tablet is used to treat low blood platelet counts in adults suffering from immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections, and severe aplastic anemia (SAA). It works by stimulating the growth of bone marrow cells that produce platelets, increasing the number of platelets in the blood. This lessens the likelihood of bleeding episodes.

Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets A Usage Guide

Regarding the dosage and administration of this medication, adhere to your doctor’s instructions. The tablet may be taken whole, without food, on an empty stomach. Do not chew, crush, or break it. Make sure your doctor is informed of any allergies you may have to this medication.

Just skip the missed dose of Revolade 50mg Tablet and go back to your usual dosing schedule. Never take two doses to make up for a missed one.

Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets Side Effects

Many side effects disappear on their own as the medication becomes accustomed to your body. Consult your doctor if they do not or if you have any concerns.

 Common Side Effects 

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Vomiting
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Muscle pain
  • Urinary tract infection

[Note: Different drugs may cause different side effects. Consult your healthcare provider or the official prescribing information for more information about specific side effects of the medication in question.]

Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets – A Guide to Safety 



It is not recommended to drink alcohol while taking Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag tablets. Alcohol can damage the liver and increase cholesterol, which increases the chance of side effects because the medication will not be effectively eliminated from the body.


Consult Your Doctor

The safety of Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets for the mother and fetus has not been thoroughly studied, hence it is not advised to be used during pregnancy. If you are currently taking it, speak with your doctor. 


Consult Your Doctor

It is not advised for mothers to take Revolade while nursing. There is not enough information available yet to verify its safety for breastfed infants.



Revolade may cause symptoms such as drowsiness and dizziness in certain people. Avoid focusing-intensive tasks like operating machinery or driving if you observe these effects.



Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets should be taken carefully by patients who have liver disease. Dosage adjustments for Revolade 50mg Tablets might be required. Kindly speak with your physician.


Safe, If Prescribed

In general, people with kidney disease can safely use Revolade 50mg tablets. However, if you have a kidney condition, you should let your doctor know. While using this medication, kidney function may need to be regularly monitored.

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Chemical Group 

Biphenyls Derivatives



Medication Class


Action Class/Category 

Thrombopoietin agonist

Swift Advice

  1. Choose whole, low-fat, low-sodium foods over processed, high-fat, high-sodium options.
  2. Maintain a regular exercise routine to help your overall health.
  3. Avoid smoking and drink in moderation.
  4. Limit activities that pose a risk of injury, such as contact sports, and use safety equipment to reduce the risk of bleeding.
  5. Increase platelet count with a high-protein diet rich in lean meats, poultry, seafood, and other foods.
  6. To naturally increase platelet levels, consume papaya or a papaya leaf mixture.
  7. Include more iron-rich foods in your diet, such as beans, peas, greens, carrots, raisins, oranges, peanuts, and pomegranates.
  8. To enhance platelet production, include foods high in vitamin C, such as broccoli, strawberries, kiwis, and guava.


Frequently Asked Questions Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets

Q: Is it possible to take crushed Revolade 50mg Tablet?

A: The purpose of the Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets is to increase your blood platelet count. When taking this medication, it is important to do as your doctor instructs. Drink a full glass of water and make sure you swallow it whole. Do not crush or chew it.

Q: How should I use the 50 mg Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets?

A: If your doctor prescribes Revolade 50mg Tablet, you should take it as directed. Take it empty stomach if possible, ideally an hour before or two after meals. Never change the dosage or schedule without first consulting your physician.

Q: How long does it take for Revolade 50mg Tablet to work?

A: By raising the blood’s platelet count, the Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets stops bleeding episodes. Patients typically take about two weeks to respond, though the exact time for it to start working varies from person to person.

Q: Is there anything I should not eat while taking Revolade 50mg tablet?

A:  Yes, certain dairy foods like cheese and butter and mineral and vitamin supplements should be avoided for 4 hours before and 2 hours after taking Revolade 50mg Tablet. Eating these foods or supplements may have an impact on how well the medication is absorbed and works.

Q: How should I store Revolade 50mg Tablet? 

A: Keep this medication between 20°C and 50°C at room temperature. Make sure the bottle is securely closed, and if there is a desiccant pack, leave it in place as it keeps the medication dry.

Q: Can serious side effects be caused by Revolade 50mg Tablet?

A: Liver issues is one of the serious side effects that Revolade 50mg Tablet may cause. Symptoms of liver disease include yellowing of the skin or eyes, upper right abdominal pain, dark urine, and unusual tiredness. If you have hepatitis C or are receiving treatment for it, your risk of developing liver problems is higher. In addition to increasing the risk of blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and possibly fatal consequences, revolade can also raise platelet counts. When using this medication, routine blood tests are advised to check platelet count and liver function. It may also worsen cataracts and impair vision. If you experience any side effects, contact your doctor.

Q: Can I take Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets if I miss a dose?

A:  If you miss a dose, wait until your next scheduled dose; do not take two doses in a single day. Taking an extra dose increases the risk of side effects.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid while taking Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets?

  A: Avoid dairy products like cheese and butter, as well as calcium and mineral supplements. These can interfere with Revolade absorption, potentially reducing its effectiveness. Consult your doctor before starting Revolade.

Q: How long does it take to notice the effects of Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag tablets?

  A: The time it takes Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets to start working varies from person to person. Patients typically respond in two weeks. Do not stop or increase the dose without first consulting your doctor.

Q: What kind of activities should I avoid while using Revolade 50mg Eltrombopag Tablets?

A: Avoid activities that put you at risk of bleeding, such as contact sports. Low platelet counts put people at risk of severe bleeding. If you are bleeding as a result of an injury, apply pressure to the wound and seek immediate medical attention.