Velpanat 500mg Tablets

Velpanat 500mg Tablets

Velpanat is a combination drug that contains Sofosbuvir, an antiviral medication, and Velpatasvir, a NS5A inhibitor. These active salts work together to effectively treat chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection by inhibiting viral replication and suppressing the growth of the virus.

  • Manufactured By : Natco Pharma Ltd
  • Salt Composition : Sofosbuvir 400mg + Velpatasvir 100mg





Natco Pharma Ltd

Active Ingredient 

Sofosbuvir (400mg) + Velpatasvir (100mg)


Store below 30°C

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Complete Handbook on Velpanat: Usage and Insight 

Velpanat  – Introduction

Velpanat Tablet is a medication used to treat chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. It combines two antiviral medications. To aid the body in healing from the illness, it fights the viruses.

How Velpanat Works: A Closer Look

Velpanat Tablet consists of two antiviral medications, Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir. Their method of action is lowering the body’s hepatitis C viral concentration and progressively removing the virus from circulation.


Treatment of Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection

Velpanat  – The Benefits 

In Treatment of Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection

Velpanat Tablet is essential for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, which is a chronic liver infection brought on by HCV. By preventing the hepatitis C virus from spreading, it helps to lessen its presence in your body. This proactive strategy helps to control the infection and speeds up the healing process. For the medication to be effective, you must take it exactly as your doctor prescribes.

Velpanat – A Usage Guide

Pay attention to your doctor’s instructions on when and how much to take this medication. Do not chew, crack, or crush the pill; instead, swallow it whole. It is recommended to take the Velpanat Tablet on a regular basis, regardless of whether food is consumed.

Velpanat – Side Effects

When your body adjusts to the drug, most side effects go away on their own and usually don’t require medical attention. You should consult your physician if these adverse effects worsen or continue.

Common Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Tiredness

[Note: Various medications can lead to different side effects. For precise details about a particular drug’s specific side effects, consult the official prescribing information for that medication or seek advice from your healthcare provider.]

Velpanat Capsule – A Guide to Safety 


Consult Your Doctor

The safety of using Velpanat Tablets with alcohol is uncertain. Please consult your physician.


Safe If Prescribed

Velpanat Tablet is generally considered safe for use during pregnancy. Although research on animals suggests that there are negligible or no adverse effects on prenatal development, there is little information from studies on humans.


Safe If Prescribed

Given the small amount of human data that is currently available, Velpanat Tablet is probably safe to use during nursing since there isn’t much risk to the nursing infant.



The adverse effects of using Velpanat Tablet could affect your ability to drive. It may cause dizziness and impaired vision when used with other medications used to treat hepatitis C infection. This could impair your ability to drive.



For people with liver illness, Velpanat Tablet is thought to be safe, and dosage adjustments are usually not necessary. It’s crucial to let your doctor know if you have renal illness, though, as they might advise routinely checking liver function tests for some people on this medicine.



When taking Velpanat Tablet in patients with severe kidney disease, use caution, as a dose change may be required. In situations like these, you should speak with your physician. It is generally not necessary to change the dosage for individuals with mild to moderate kidney illness despite the lack of information regarding the usage of Velpanat Tablets in these patients.

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Medication Class


Swift Advice

  • Utilize it to treat HCV.
  • Take every day at the same time as food.
  • Take it for 12 or 24 weeks, usually.
  • Take all prescribed dosages on time to avoid treatment failure.
  • Blurred vision, tiredness, and dizziness are possible adverse effects.
  • Avoid concentration-demanding tasks until you are familiar with their consequences.
  • If it gives you headaches, drink plenty of water and think about taking some medicine.
  • Your physician may keep an eye on your viral load and liver function.
  • Don’t quit without first consulting your physician.


Frequently Asked Questions – Velpanat 

Q1.  Is it possible for those with cirrhosis or advanced liver disease to recover from hepatitis C with Velpanat tablets?

For those with compensated cirrhosis or advanced liver disease, Velpanat Tablet has shown promise in treating hepatitis C. However, response rates can vary, which emphasizes the significance of careful monitoring of liver function both during and after treatment.

Q2. Is it required to have blood tests done on a regular basis while using Velpanat tablets?

Indeed, throughout the course of Velpanat tablet treatment, routine blood tests are usually carried out to track liver function, virus load, and response to treatment. These examinations support patient safety by evaluating the medication’s efficacy.

Q3. Can individuals with kidney problems use Velpanat tablets?

There is no need to change the dosage for those with mild to severe renal impairment when using Velpanat tablets. On the other hand, patients with end-stage renal disease or severe renal impairment might need to change their dosage or look into other treatment alternatives. To determine the best course of treatment, you must discuss your kidney function with your healthcare physician.

Q4. Can individuals who also have HIV use Velpanat tablets?

For those managing co-infection with HIV and hepatitis C, Velpanat Tablet is effective and safe. However, to ensure that HIV and infectious diseases are managed appropriately, it is imperative that you work in conjunction with experts in these fields.

Q5. Can you gain or lose weight by using a Velpanat tablet?

While Velpanat Tablet side effects are uncommon, individual responses to the drug can vary, including weight fluctuations. When you notice any unanticipated or concerning changes in your weight while receiving therapy, you should consult your physician for a more thorough assessment.