Rolimus 5mg Everolimus Tablets

Rolimus 5mg Everolimus Tablets

Rolimus 5 is anticancer medication that contains the active salt everolimus, belonging to the class of drugs called mTOR inhibitors. It is used to treat certain types of cancer by slowing down the growth of cancer cells and reducing blood vessel formation in tumors. 

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  • Salt Composition : Everolimus 5mg
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Rolimus 5


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Active Ingredient 

Everolimus (5mg)


Store below 30°C

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Complete Handbook on Rolimus 5: Usage and Insight 

Rolimus 5 – Introduction

By regulating the immune system, Rolimus 5 Tablet helps the body accept a new organ by preventing organ rejection following transplantation. It is also used in combination with other drugs to treat malignancies of the breast, pancreas, lung, and kidney.

How Rolimus 5 Works: A Closer Look

The Rolimus 5 Tablet protects against organ rejection by restricting the immune system’s ability to function.

Rolimus 5 Use

  • Prevention of organ rejection in transplant patients
  • Treatment of Breast cancer
  • Treatment of Pancreatic cancer
  • Treatment of Lung cancer
  • Treatment of Kidney cancer


Rolimus 5 – The Benefits 

Organ Transplant Rejection

When paired with other medications, Rolimus 5 Tablet is used to prevent organ rejection, which usually occurs when the recipient’s immune system launches an assault on the donated organ. This medication reduces the immune system’s activity in the recipient, preventing rejection in patients receiving transplants for kidney, liver, heart, and other organs.

In the management of breast cancer.

Rolimus 5 Tablet is prescribed for postmenopausal women as a treatment for breast cancer in cases where alternative medications have not yielded substantial results. This drug relieves breast cancer symptoms such as breast lumps, nipple discharge, and changes in breast texture or shape while also effectively stopping the spread and metastasis of the cancer. It must be taken exactly as prescribed to reap the maximum benefits.

In the management of pancreatic cancer.

By producing natural insulin, the pancreas is essential for both digestion and blood sugar regulation. This drug works well to treat pancreatic cancer and to reduce symptoms such as loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss. Inhibiting the molecules that encourage pancreatic cancer growth and spread is how Rolimus 5 Tablet works, ultimately leading to a longer and healthier life.

In Treatment of Lung cancer.

The Rolimus 5 Tablet stops the growth of cancer cells by reducing their blood supply. But because it suppresses the immune system, you must stay away from busy places and practice excellent hand hygiene to avoid getting sick. Unless the doctor instructs you otherwise, it is advisable to maintain adequate hydration. To fully benefit from the treatment, a healthy diet and close adherence to the recommended drug schedule are essential.

In Treatment of Kidney cancer.

When all other treatment options have failed, the Rolimus 5 Tablet treats kidney cancer. It stops the growth of cancer cells and prevents it from spreading to unaffected areas, therefore halting the progression of the disease. It is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions and take the medication as directed to get the best outcomes.

Rolimus 5 – A Usage Guide

When using Rolimus 5, it’s critical to adhere to the recommended dosage and time to guarantee safety and efficacy. It can be taken with or without food, but try to take it at roughly the same time every day to maintain consistency. Abusing this drug in excess might have serious adverse effects on the body.

Rolimus 5 – Side Effects

Most adverse effects go away when your body gets used to the medication and doesn’t require medical attention. See your physician if they continue or if you have concerns about them.

Common Side Effects

  • Weakness
  • Sinus inflammation
  • Infection
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Stomatitis (Inflammation of the mouth)
  • Otitis media (infection of ear)
  • Diarrhea
  • Upper respiratory tract infection

[Note: Various medications can lead to different side effects. For precise details about a particular drug’s specific side effects, consult the official prescribing information for that medication or seek advice from your healthcare provider.]

Rolimus 5 – A Guide to Safety 


Consult Your Doctor

It’s unclear if drinking alcohol while taking a Rolimus 5 tablet is safe. It is best to consult your physician for advice.


Consult Your Doctor

While it is generally not recommended to take Rolimus 5 Tablets while pregnant, a doctor may prescribe if the benefits outweigh the dangers in rare situations where life is in danger. Consult your doctor for guidance.


Consult Your Doctor 

It is probably dangerous to use Rolimus 5 Tablets during nursing. There is insufficient human data to suggest that the medicine may enter breast milk and endanger the unborn child.



Your ability to drive may be impacted by the possible adverse effects of Rolimus 5 Tablet, especially as weariness is a frequent side effect.



When giving Rolimus 5 Tablet to patients who have liver illness, proceed with caution, as a dosage modification might be necessary. For patients with severe liver disease, this medicine is not recommended. Please get advice from your physician.


Safe If Prescribed

Rolimus 5 Tablets can be used safely by patients with kidney illness, and there is no need to change the dosage.

Fact Box

Chemical GroupMacrolide Lactams
Action Class/CategoryImmunosuppressant- mTOR inhibitors

Swift Advice

  • The prescription drug Rolimus 5 Tablet is used to treat specific tumors and avoid organ transplant rejection.
  • If you intend to become a parent, speak with your doctor as it may impact both men’s and women’s fertility.
  • Since this drug raises the risk of infection, notify your doctor immediately if you have a sore throat or a fever.
  • Speak with your doctor before receiving any immunizations while taking Rolimus 5 Tablet.
  • Notify your healthcare provider about your medication if you have surgery or dental work done.
  • Grapefruit juice should not be consumed while taking this medication as it may interfere with its effectiveness.


Frequently Asked Questions – Rolimus 5

Q1. Is Rolimus 5 Tablet chemotherapy?

Rolimus 5 Tablet is categorized as a kinase inhibitor mainly used to treat cancer. By reducing the blood supply to the tumor, it slows the growth and spread of cancer cells. This is how it works.

Q2. How should a Rolimus 5 tablet be taken?

The Rolimus 5 Tablet is normally taken once or twice a day. It’s critical to continue taking the prescription consistently, either on an empty stomach or with a meal each time. The pill should not be chewed or crushed; instead, it should be swallowed whole with water.

Q3. How are Rolimus 5 Tablets given?

Rolimus 5 Tablet therapy has no set length of time. Till a therapeutic benefit is observed or intolerable toxicity or adverse effects arise, Rolimus 5 Tablet is taken continuously.

Q4. How long is the Rolimus 5 Tablet safe to take?

Regular brain scans are required to evaluate the tumor’s shrinkage as a result of the Rolimus 5 Tablet. As directed by your physician and following your recommended treatment plan, these scans should be carried out.

Q5. Is the tablet Rolimus 5 cytotoxic?

Yes, Rolimus 5 Tablet demonstrates cytotoxicity against human cancer cells present in the prostate, stomach, breast, and kidneys (renal cell carcinoma).