Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets

Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets

Vidalista Professional 20mg sublingual tablets contain tadalafil, offering a potent solution for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). With its sublingual administration, experience rapid onset and prolonged effectiveness, enhancing sexual performance and satisfaction.


Complete Handbook on Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets: Usage and Insight

MedicineVidalista Professional 20mg Tablets
Marketed ByCenturion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Active IngredientTadalafil 20mg
StorageStore it at room temperature in a cold and dry place.
Consume TypeOral

Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets – Introduction

Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets, an ED Pill for men, is an effective drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotency. It is a medical condition in which a man is unable to sustain a firm erection, which is necessary for successful sexual intercourse. This drug relaxes the blood vessels in the penis, resulting in increased blood flow and a hard and satisfactory erection.

How Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets Works: A Closer Look 

Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets contain tadalafil as its active ingredient, which is a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. By inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme, tadalafil helps increase the levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) in the penis. This, in turn, leads to the relaxation of surrounding muscles and improved blood flow to the penile area. Enhanced blood circulation contributes to the development of a strong and firm erection.

Vidalista Professional 20 mg Tablets – Uses

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

Vidalista Professional 20 mg Tablets – The Benefits 

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

Vidalista Professional 20mg tablets are a reliable treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) which works by boosting the active ingredient tadalafil. By improving blood flow to the penile region, these tablets facilitate firm and sustained erections during sexual stimulation, restoring confidence and intimacy. With its sublingual administration, Vidalista Professional ensures a rapid onset of action, allowing for spontaneity in sexual encounters. Its effectiveness lasts for up to 36 hours, providing flexibility and convenience. 

Vidalista Professional 20 Sublingual Tablets – A Usage Guide

Before taking Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets, it is strongly advised to consult a medical professional for proper guidance and evaluation.

To consume the medication, swallow the whole capsule with water for about one hour before engaging in sexual activity. It is important not to chew or crush the capsule but to take it whole. This ensures proper absorption and medication effectiveness

Vidalista Professional 20 Sublingual Tablets – Side Effects

Most Vidalista Professional 20 mg Tablets  side effects are minor and disappear as your body adjusts to the medication. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them

Common Side Effects 

  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Blurred Vision
  • Muscle Pain
  • Stomach Upset
  • Rash/Skin redness

[Note: Different drugs can cause varying side effects. To get accurate information about a medication’s specific side effects, refer to the official prescription information or consult your healthcare provider.]


Vidalista Professional 20 mg Tablets – A Guide to Safety 




Alcohol consumption should be avoided while taking Vidalista Professional Tadalafil 20mg Tablets as it may increase the chance of unpleasant side effects like low blood pressure or dizziness.



Consult Your Doctor

Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets are not indicated for use in women.



Consult Your Doctor

Information regarding the use of Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablet during breastfeeding is not available. Talk to your healthcare provider about other options.




Some may experience drowsiness or dizziness after taking a Vidalista Professional 20 mg for erectile dysfunction. Exercise caution when operating machinery or a vehicle until you know how the medication affects you.




Inform your healthcare provider of liver problems before taking Vidalista Professional 20 mg Tablets. Adjustments to the dosage may be necessary based on your medical condition and liver or kidney function tests.




Use Vidalista Professional 20mg Tablets with caution if you have kidney problems, as the medication may be excreted more slowly from the body. Your doctor may need to adjust the dosage based on your kidney function

Fact Box

Chemical GroupCarboline Derivative
Medication ClassPDE5 Inhibitor
Action Class/CategoryED Pills

Swift Advice 

  1. Take one tablet with water, preferably on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes to an hour before sexual activity.
  2. Place the tablet under your tongue and let it dissolve fully. Do not chew or swallow it completely.
  3. Consult your doctor before starting Vidalista Professional 20 mg Tablets, especially if you have any underlying medical issues or are taking any other medications.
  4. Keep the tablets in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture. Keep them out of reach for kids and dogs.
  5. Avoid ingesting alcohol or large meals before taking Vidalista Professional Tadalafil 20mg Tablets since these may impair its effectiveness.
  6. Do not take more than one tablet each day. Taking numerous tablets within 24 hours may raise the chance of negative effects.

Frequently Asked Questions – Vidalista Professional 20 Sublingual Tablets

Q: What is Vidalista Professional 20mg for erectile dysfunction? 

A: Vidalista Professional 20mg is specifically designed to address Erectile Dysfunction (ED) by improving blood flow to the penis, facilitating firm and sustained erections during sexual stimulation.

Q: How does Vidalista Professional 20 sublingual tablets work? 

A: Vidalista Professional 20 sublingual tablets work by inhibiting the action of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which promotes relaxation of blood vessels in the penis, allowing increased blood flow and thus facilitating erections.

Q: What are Vidalista Professional 20mg uses? 

Vidalista Professional 20mg is primarily used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men, promoting firm and lasting erections during sexual activity.

Q: Is Vidalista Professional 20mg safe? 

A: Vidalista Professional 20mg is generally considered safe when taken as prescribed by a healthcare professional. However, it is essential to follow dosage instructions and consult a doctor for personalized advice.

Q: How to buy Vidalista Professional tablets? 

A: You can buy Vidalista Professional tablets from The Lotus Biotech, a reliable wholesale trader of Vidalista Professional 20 mg in India. 

Q: Who is the exporter of Vidalista Professional 20 mg for Erectile Dysfunction?

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