Ciswel 50mg Cisplatin Injection

Ciswel 50mg Cisplatin Injection

Ciswel with salt cisplatin is a potent chemotherapy drug. With cisplatin as its active component, it works by disrupting the growth and division of cancer cells, for treating cancers like testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, bladder cancer, etc.

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Ciswel 50mg 


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Cisplatin (50mg)


Store below 30°C

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Complete Handbook on Ciswel 50mg Injection: Usage and Insight 

Ciswel 50mg Injection – Introduction

Ciswel 50mg Injection is used to treat testicular, cervical, and ovarian malignancies. Its mode of action entails stopping or reducing the growth of cancer cells in the body.

How Ciswel 50mg Injection Works: A Closer Look

Ciswel 50mg Injection stops the growth and multiplication of cancer cells by interfering with their genetic material (DNA and RNA).

Ciswel 50mg Injection Use

  • Ovarian cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Testicular cancer


Ciswel 50mg Injection – The Benefits

In Ovarian Cancer

The female reproductive system’s ovaries, which produce eggs, are the source of ovarian cancer. This cancer can be fatal and is usually discovered at an advanced stage. It frequently spreads to the abdomen and pelvis. The injection of 50 mg of Ciswel suppresses the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. This drug has specific adverse effects that may be irritating despite its effectiveness. As such, you must explore the potential risks and benefits with your physician. It is best to avoid alcohol throughout the therapy and to make sure you are adequately hydrated by drinking lots of water.

In Cervical Cancer 

Ciswel 50mg Injection is used as an anti-cancer drug to eradicate cancer cells in particular instances of cervical cancer, a disorder that affects the female cervix. While some people may not have any symptoms, symptoms can include irregular bleeding, unpleasant vaginal discharge, and lower back pain. It is essential to carefully consider any possible adverse effects and balance the risks and advantages of using this medication before starting therapy in cooperation with your healthcare professional. Throughout this treatment, it is recommended that you avoid alcohol and consume lots of water to stay properly hydrated.

In Testicular cancer

The term “testicular cancer” describes cancer that develops in the testicles, the male reproductive organs that produce sperm and male hormones. These reproductive organs are housed in the scrotum, a loose pouch of skin beneath the penis. Men are given Ciswel 50mg Injection to either eradicate or prevent cancer cells from growing while preventing them from multiplying. This injection should not be given on one’s own; instead, assistance from a healthcare provider is required.

Ciswel 50mg Injection – A Usage Guide

This drug should not be self-administered; only a nurse or your doctor should administer it.

Ciswel 50mg Injection – Side Effects

Most side effects are usually not severe enough to require medical attention and go away as your body becomes used to the medicine. If these side effects worsen or continue, it is best to speak with your doctor.

Common Side Effects

  • Injection site reactions (pain, swelling, redness)
  • Increased risk of infection
  • Ear disorder
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Decreased blood cells (red cells, white cells, and platelets)
  • Renal impairment
  • Peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness of feet and hand)
  • Kidney damage
  • Hearing loss
  • Ringing in ear

[Note: Different drugs can cause varying side effects. To get accurate information about a medication’s specific side effects, refer to the official prescribing information for that medication or consult with your healthcare provider.]

Ciswel 50mg Injection – A Guide to Safety 



It is unknown if drinking alcohol while using Ciswel 50mg Injection is safe. Kindly speak with your physician.


Consult Your Doctor 

Ciswel 50mg Injection is dangerous to use while pregnant because there is clear evidence that it poses a risk to the growing fetus. In certain life-threatening circumstances, the doctor might, however, very infrequently prescribe it if the advantages outweigh the possible hazards. Kindly speak with your physician.



Ciswel 50mg Injection is dangerous to utilize while nursing. Evidence points to the possibility of medication poisoning in the fetus.



Adverse effects from Ciswel  50mg Injection may affect your ability to drive. You might experience side effects from the injection, like nausea and drowsiness, which could impair your driving.


Consult Your Doctor

It is most likely safe for those with liver problems to use Ciswel 50 mg injection. Based on available data, adjusting the dosage of Ciswel 50mg injectable may not be required for these patients. It is advised that you seek advice from your physician.


Consult Your Doctor

Patients with kidney problems should use Ciswel 50mg Injection with caution as a dose change may be required. Seeking advice from your physician is advised. Ciswel 50 mg injection should not be administered to anyone who has severe kidney disease.

Fact Box

Chemical Group Platinum Analogs
Addictive No
Action Class/Category Platinum compounds-Anticancer

Swift Advice

  • Ciswel 50mg Injection is administered under the supervision of a doctor.


Frequently Asked Questions – Ciswel 50mg Injection

Q1. Is Ciswel 50 mg Injection a medication that fights cancer?

Yes, testicular, cervical, and ovarian cancers are treated with Ciswel 50 mg Injection, an anticancer medication.

Q2. How can you tell if the Ciswel 50mg Injection is effective?

Take this medication as prescribed until your doctor instructs you otherwise. Frequent scans will show whether the treatment is affecting your tumor. Your physician will decide the best time to schedule those scans.

Q3. Is there a significant risk associated with using Ciswel 50 mg injection?

It is critical to seek medical attention right away if you witness severe allergic reactions, including rashes, breathing difficulties, facial swelling, irregular heartbeats, uncontrollably high or low blood pressure, vomiting, decreased urination, swelling in the feet or lower legs, lower back or side pain, muscle cramps, facial, arm, or leg paralysis or numbness, and unusual bleeding, such as bleeding gums or blood in urine or stools.

Q4. Does hair loss result from Ciswel 50mg Injection?

You can find that using this drug makes your hair more brittle and prone to breaking. There may also be thinning or patchy hair loss. These problems usually go away after the medication is stopped. To manage hair loss, it is advised to treat hair gently when brushing and washing it.

Q5. Are there any safety measures I may take if my arms and legs start to tingle and go numb?

Your arms or legs may experience burning, tingling, numbness, or discomfort due to this medication. Use caution when moving around because the numbness may make it more difficult to feel your hands or feet, walk, or fall. See your physician if you experience any of these signs. It could be necessary to adjust your dosage or schedule.